Volkswagen 4気筒TSIエンジンのシリンダーディアクティベーションテクノロジーを公開


速度が1,400〜4,000 rpm領域などエンジン負荷の少ない低速走行時に2気筒を休止させ、実際2気筒エンジンとして動作する制御技術です。このシリンダーオンデマンド技術とスタート&ストップ機構により、0.6リッター/100 kmの燃費改善が可能である、とのことです。



Volkswagen presents latest efficiency technology

World’s first cylinder shutoff system in four-cylinder TSI

Wolfsburg, 02 September 2011 – At the beginning of 2012 it will already be ready: Volkswagen’s latest efficiency technology, cylinder shut-off, will debut in the new 1.4 TSI engine. This is another large step for Volkswagen in terms of saving fuel in its models.

Volkswagen is the first manufacturer in the world to implement cylinder shut-off on a four-cylinder TSI engine in high-volume production. The primary goal of the high-tech system is to significantly reduce fuel consumption by temporarily shutting off two of the four cylinders during low to mid loads. In fact, cylinder shut-off reduces fuel consumption of the 1.4 TSI by 0.4 litre per 100 km in the NEDC driving cycle. When the Stop/Start functionality is integrated, which deactivates the engine in neutral gear, the savings effect adds up to about 0.6 litre per 100 km.

The greatest benefits of the cutting edge technology are realised while driving at constant moderate speeds. At 50 km/h, in third or fourth gear, savings amount to nearly one litre per 100 km. This new fuel efficient TSI will therefore also fulfil the future EU6 emissions standard effortlessly. High efficiency does not exclude driving comfort: even when running on just two cylinders, the 1.4 TSI – with its excellent engine balance – is still very quiet and low in vibration.

Cylinder shut-off is active whenever the engine speed of the 1.4 TSI is between 1,400 and 4,000 rpm and its torque is between 25 and 75 Nm. This applies to nearly 70 per cent of the driving distance in the EU fuel economy driving cycle. As soon as the driver presses the accelerator pedal sufficiently hard, cylinders 2 and 3 are reactivated unnoticed. Volkswagen utilises information from the gas pedal sensor to detect the driver’s mode of driving. If the driving exhibits a nonuniform pattern – e.g. while driving in roundabout traffic or in a sporty style on a country road – shut-off functionality is suppressed.

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